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Exploring different sampled sounds with hiphop bass-lines and lo-fi textures. This project was produced, mixed, and mastered at Organic Studios London.


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“Working at Organic Studios has been a life-changing experience. I explored writing melodies and creating instrumental tracks using the equipment they have available they helped me to feel confident in what I was expressing, encouraging me to write more and experiment in a non-judgemental and fluid environment.”

-Nyasha Mangera

“The engineers made me feel at home all the time and the energy in the studio was amazing.They helped me since the beginning to clarify what I wanted to record and how I wanted to do it.”



“…There is a special energy fostered within Organic which I have not encountered anywhere else in 20 years of making music. This is entirely due to the patient and expert guidance of its owner/engineer Daryl - who not only has the ears and skills to complete a track but is also able to 'tune in' to the person and music and gently guide its improvement - be it in arrangements, missing elements or sonic dynamics.”

-Michael Mendones

“It was a professional studio, ticked all the boxes and allowed me to comfortably record. At Organic Studios, I was guided to quickly produce quality content. The right equipment was provided, it was also acoustically protected. No noise disturbed or pierced through the rooms/doors. I was free to record, listen and make changes with a technician that had experience.”




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